About ME

 My 20+ years in the Hospitality, Construction and Business Management fields has given me a great edge in the real estate field. It allows me to see things that normal agents would not see or think to look at. 

I was born and raised in the North Country, so my knowledge of all the surrounding areas is matched by few.

I challenge you to find someone who will work as hard as I do in getting you the best deal whether you are buying or selling a home.

My success as a Certified Home Staging Expert has proven time and time again- STAGING SELLS! 

90% of buyers begin their search online, before they even set foot in a realtors office. Catch their eyes FIRST with a perfectly staged home! 

I am a huge advocate of the local SPCA, Check out my latest

Daisy is a long time resident of the Jefferson County SPCA in Watertown NY- and her adoption fees are PAID FOR BY ME! Go adopt Daisy ASAP and take her home today for FREE!
This week only I am throwing in 150 dollars worth of food for FREE!